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Indoor practice nets differ significantly from outdoor nets. They are often suspended on an aluminium track way (runners) which are fixed to the ceiling of sports hall. The nets can then drop 8–4 meters to reach the ground, before travelling at least 20 meters laterally, which provides a substantial practice enclosure. Indoors nets are commonly multi lane, with 2 or 4 bay nets being particularly common. They have a separate canvas screen which enclose the area immediately surrounding the athlete and rise to a height of 3 meters.

The purpose of this is twofold; the netting to the sides and rear of the athlete has by far the highest work rate, canvas is significantly more durable to tradition mesh netting and as such the use of screens improves the life span of the net. The second is from a simply privacy aspect – the impression of seclusion allows for more focused batsman and reduces the risk of distractions. Indoor practice nets will be found in almost all sports halls where the suspension provides a curtain type system for the nets and allows the nets to be pulled in and out of use. The flexible nature of these nets allows for multi sport use of sports halls which is fundamental to the success of all commercially operated sports centers.