Cricket Bats

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  • $240.00
    • A Huge Sweet Spot combined with Extraordinary Balance to the Blade.
    • Round Handle.
    • Concave Edges.
    • Specially designed Scale Grip for the Bat Handle- for Control and Comfort
    • Combination of Sarawak Cane Handle.
    • Huge Edge & Super Rebound Quality
    • Along with SS bat cover.
    • Thickness of its edges 40 mm.
  • $275.00
    • Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum Grade – (SH Grade 2)
    • Handle Spec – 6 Piece Singapore cane face with maximum grains, cosmetically best looking bat without any blemishes
    • Naturally air dried grade A English willow, Light weight pickup and fast bat speed
    • Profile/Shape- Large Edges and Sweet Spot
  • $425.00

    The new lightweight Burn cricket bat means you won’t be short of time when facing pace. If you pride yourself on punishing attacks for extended periods, the new Burn might be your best ally. Designed to be easy to maneuvered, this stick will enable batsmen to get into position quickly and strike fast.

    • Premium Grade 2 English Willow.
    • Mid / High sweet spot.
    • Big edges, high spine and semi-flat face giving maximum power output.
  • $650.00
    • Grade: LB & SH Grade 1; SM, H, 6, 5, 4, 3, Grade J1
    • Handle Spec/Shape: 6 Piece Singapore Cane/Oval
    • Grip: Blue/Green Wave
    • Toe Guard: Black
    • Profile/Shape: Low Swell. Large Edges and Sweetspot
  • $250.00
    • New Balance DC-570